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Replying to WC 2017 Marmari , Evia , Greece

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Unladen Swallow

Posted An hour ago

I see playa was in a very patriotic mood! Congrats to the winners. I am sure it was a lot of fun for everyone involved. 


Posted 8 hours ago

Yes, another great video B)! Fresh from the needle this week: we're having coalition forming over here and those parties agreed to make the national anthom obligatory just as it is in the US (and Greece too perhaps). Garulfo's PvdD however is not yet invited to join the coalition and is against making it obligatory so you'll mainly see just playa1 singing ONVERVEERD loudly  :D  :lol:  :P! It worked, well done to the team!


Posted 9 hours ago

One of the most nice moments of the WC in Marmári, Evvoia, Greece








Posted 16 hours ago

In team competition after a very tough fight ,with final score 57 - 52 ,Netherlands managed to win Greece and  get the title 






Ιn OPEN Marmari after a real nice and competitive tournament with 15 participations ,  Dennis Baas (Morx) got the first palce with 2nd  George Franka and 3nd Anastasios Koukas (roezcak)




Ιn Junior tournament  Elissaios Vandoros ( ELISSAIOS-GR  )  is the junior WC



Posted 16 hours ago



ANJO TRAVAILLE the World Champion 2017 



1st Anjo Travaille  (NL)

2nd Tim Slagboom (NL)

3nd John Vandoros  (GR)




Many congrats to all the winners , to all the players who join this spectacular event and especially to all of these people who helped to make it possible






Posted A day ago

Hi all and thanks for your responding for the WC. We had a great tournament but also a very good sportsmanship clima between players. In the national team, dutch won for some points. The results of Greek team were:

Sekertzis = 2 wins (Tim,Max) , 1 loss (Vincent) , 1 draw (Anjo)

gpet0 = 1 win (Vincent) , 3 loss (all)

Great Manos = Same as gpet0

Overlord = 2 wins (Vincent,Anjo) 2 draws (Tim,Max)


Posted A day ago

Anjo went 8-2 , losing to Max and John (Overlord)


Posted A day ago

Yes the Dutch team beat the Greek one 9 to 7, with a bit of luck.

I will make a thread later about my experience in my (first) WC, if anyone is interested.


Posted A day ago

I like the Greek dance at the end of price ceremony :)

Funny to see only Overlord as the Greek there not into it, not participating, probably seeing how it was executed LOL ;). Much fun there so it must have been a great tourney.


Anxious to see the final results... did Anjo win them all then? Went undefeated? That would be a tremendous result! And what about the Teamresult, did this Dutch team win as well as ours did ^_^  :rolleyes:  :blink:  :D  :lol:???


Posted A day ago

Congratulations to Anjo.
Looking at nortrom's post/links above honestly the entries of adult and junior in the 2001-2002 tourn's put me in thoughts especially when I thinking the non-existence of the online multi-game to those years.
Best regards

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