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Replying to WC 2017 Marmari , Evia , Greece

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Posted 4 days ago

WC 2017 List of participants

blue : confirmed

green: needs to be confirmed

black : seriously interested



  1. ernesto
  3. gmits
  4. gpet0  
  5. Great Manos 
  6. Henry Domerkant  
  8. kostas2506 
  9. Major Nelson
  10. OverLord_98  
  11. Perigord 
  12. roeczak
  13. stamen feson
  14. vspy13
  15. dalee 
  16. FGP_ 
  17. GTETRA13
  18. Jakehaar 
  19. panagiotis17  
  22. gkaros 
  23. Geo_Tsarpista 
  24. HERCULES 1926 
  25. IOLAUS1926 
  26. max cady
  27. pasxalistz
  28. zoografos
  29. vagios s. 
  30. Dimitris Frantzis (assistant referee)



  1. playa1
  2. Garulfo
  3. Nortrom
  4. Franka G.
  5. Vincent de Boer
  6. Roseline de Boer
  7. maxroelofs
  8. Morx
  9. Kees de Vos
  10. Don_Homer
  11. Theo Gerrits
  12.  Eric van de Haar
  13. Mark kunin (main referee)







  1.  Hermann Kleier
  2. Steffen Annies




  1. vodka44
  2. Franck André



  1. Napoleon1er
  2. Barbe Noire






** This list will be updated as soon as there are new informations. Anyone from the above list who can confirm his participation  or anyone who don't find his name in this list and wish to join the WC , can  contact  with me via pm.

An accurate list will help the better organisation of this special event

Thx for your cooperation :)


Posted 5 days ago

Hello everyone
It would be nice to have a list of participants who have confirmed their registration , to attract more people to the tournament.

See you all in the WC.


Posted 5 days ago

About the flight from London. One suggestion today   http://www.opodo.com/  

with total cost in pounds 239  £ is 

There is no need to spend a night in Athens. Arrival time in Athens on Thursday is 17.50 Take the bus to Rafina on 18.00 or a taxi in case you do not catch the bus . You take the ferry on 19.30. Arrival time in Marmari is 20.30.
Return on Monday . Ferry to Rafina on 10.15. You will be in airport 12.45 . Departure time of your flight to London 14.35

Total cost in a single room with breakfast , including your personal expenses in meals and drinks (one per day) is 239 + 300 = 539 £
In case you share the room total cost 450 - 470 £
As you can see this is almost the half from your estimation (800 -1000 £ )
For any further details please contact me via pm or in facebook



I checked also the cost in the case this WC was in Waterloo like in 2015.   Flights 113 euro + 320 euro in IBIS HOTEL (the most cheap in the city) for 4 nights + 25 euro (the registartion fee in 2015) = 457 euro without  transfer cost from airport to Waterloo  and meals and drinks which as you remember  well  were very expensive.  With an average cost 30 euro per one meal and one drink per day this makes a total cost of 457+120 = 577 euro = 510 pounds 


This is 30 pounds less than in a WC in Greece!!!!!! and this in case you take a single room because if you find another player from England total cost will be 40-60 pounds LESS .  Does it worth to lose it for 30 pounds?  or if this WC was in Waterloo this year would you join? 


Posted 5 days ago



London Stansted to Athens = 240€  (  210 £)
London->Athens, Athens->Sofia->London (Ryanair)


Hi Richard


As you can read above before one month ago we gave some cheaper suggestion for flights (I do not know the cost today) so maybe you can search the above flights. WC in Greece was announced in 2016 ( as memmber Iin ISF you were aware from October!) when there was real cheap flights from London ( less than 200 euro) .  I remind you Antony's email ''  As promised the flight costs today are £ 165 which is around Euro 200 return from London. ''  It is obvious that late booking costs more and this is common in all the world.

About the other expenses 

The cost you mention above is for a double room with breakfast. So you can share it with another British player . Charlie has already booked his flight and hotel so maybe you can ask from Jonathan to share a room and have  the half cost. In case you take a single room there is a suggestion to book in Marmary bay with 50 euro per night (including breakfast) that is 200 euro for 4 nights.

Costs of getting to and from the airports + ferry + entrance fee are very well described in the official invitation and in total is 60 euro

Inside the entrance fee there are 2 free light meals during the seniors tournament and the mean cost for dinner is 10-15 euro and 6-7 euro  .  

In total and in case you take a single room cost is around 340 euro / 300 £  + air tickets but if you find someone to share the room this cost can be reduced 80-100 euro  / 70-90 £ .  In none case cost is so expensive as your estimation , even today.

I hope that you will change your mind and we will have the pleasure to see you in this special event. The Optician who is also British and will join WC maybe can help you to find more cheap flights

Posted 5 days ago

£342 for flight from UK

£244 for hotel

add in getting to and from the airports + ferry + entrance fee and food and drinks.

Wow £800 at the very least and maybe costing up to £1,000.


I have been to quite a few World Championships and the average cost has been £300 to £400. I think last years was the most expensive at around £450.

I cannot justify paying £800 to £1000. Too expensive.


I can get return flights to the USA cheaper than the flight to Athens.

Return flight to Boston for £234 or New York for £290.



Posted A week ago



Who will be the next Senior World Champion of the 20th WC in Marmari?

Which country will win the Stratego 2017 world championship country competition?


Visit facebook in this link and give your vote and your comment



Posted 2 weeks ago

 The weather forecast in Marmari  accordind AccuWeather site  for 17-21 /8/2017 
 It will be updated once a week
update 21/6/2017


Posted 2 weeks ago

Ferry routes Rafina - Marmari according the timetable of August 2017


Wed 16th  8.30  13.30  16.00  19.30

Thu  17th  8.30  11.45  16.00  19.30

Fri    18th  8.30   12.15  15.00  17.30  19.00   21.00

Sat   19th  9.00   11.00   13.00 16.30  20.30

Sun  20th  8.30  11.30  17.20   19.20  20.50  22.20

Mon  21th  8.30  13.30  16.00  19.30


Ferry routes  Marmari - Rafina  according the timetable of August 2017
Wed 16th  7.00  10.15  14.30  18.00
Thu  17th   7.00  10.15  14.30  18.00
Fri    18th  7.00     9.30  13.15  15.30  17.00  19.30  
Sat   19th  7.00    9.00   11.00   14.00 19.00  
Sun  20th  7.00     9.50  16.00  18.00   19.30  21.00
Mon  21th  7.00  10.15  14.30  18.00
You can find the routes also here http://www.in-karyst...es-marmari.html


Posted 16 May 2017 - 09:56 AM

Τhe facebook page for registrations in WC 2017 has been opened


Visit https://www.facebook...16957181806640/

and book your seat!


Posted 12 May 2017 - 10:40 AM

For those how want to participate to WC2017 Marmari, Evia GREECE, there are still very CHEAP FLIGHTS.

The flights are for 17/8 to 21/8 and the prices are for roundtrip!!


Brussels Charleroi to Athens = 200€
Brussels->Athens, Athens->Bucharest->Brussels (Ryanair)


London Stansted to Athens = 240€
London->Athens, Athens->Sofia->London (Ryanair)


Berlin Schönefeld to Athens = 120€
Berlin->Athens, Athens->Sofia->Berlin (Ryanair)


Rome Ciampino to Athens = 176€
Rome->Athens, Athens->Rome (Ryanair)


Amsterdam to Athens = 257€
Amsterdam->Athens, Athens->Amsterdam (Transavia)


Belgrade to Athens = 153€
Belgrade->Athens, Athens->Belgrade(AirSerbia)


Geneva to Athens = 235€
Geneva->Athens(Easyjet), Athens->Rome Fiumicino->Geneva (Alitalia)
Zurich to Athens = 213€
Zurich->Belgrade->Athens, Athens->Belgrade->Zurich (AirSerbia)


Kiev to Athens = 123€
Kiev->Athens, Athens->Kiev (AegeanAir)

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