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#5345 Cheater Report

Posted by KARAISKAKIS on 22 August 2013 - 08:45 AM

“Dear Stratego community,

Beginning today,there is somebody who listens and there is somebody who acts.
Beginning today, anyone who is cheated in a game because of the tie request glitch can report it in this thread, and a three-person committee will review your case. For those who are unaware, some dishonest players repeatedly request a tie when they are going to lose, and this can cause a crash in the system that gives them an unearned victory. If any player does this to you then you should take several screen shots and include them in your post as evidence. More information about this can be found in the topic Guidelines against cheating.
In case someone doesn"t want post in the forum, he can be in touch with a private message to one of the members of the committee.
If the committee finds that cheating has taken place, then the name of the cheater will be sent to the site administrator to take action. The punishment is as follows:

First Offense: The account with which you cheated will have its rating reset to 100, bronze spy.

Second Offense: The account with which you cheated will be cancelled AND any other accounts from your IP address will have their rating reset to bronze spy.

Third Offense: All your names and your IP address will be banned from the site permanently.

With your cooperation and support, the committee promises to do our best to give all the true cheaters what they deserve.
It is time to get rid of these idiots who try to destroy our fun and shout at them
“Get out, there is no place for you here”

p.s. show us your support with a like in this topic
for you it is just a click
for the committee is strength to keep on
for all of us is hope for a better future without cheaters

With kind regards,

the Justice Committee

KARAISKAKIS, The Prof, LearningThisGame, maxroelofs and Midnightguy

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#17910 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by Aris1970 on 05 July 2014 - 03:50 PM

ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ  ΝΕΑ     η εφημερίδα  μας 



Η  εφημερίδα  μας   ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ  ΝΕΑ  υπόσχεται  να καλύψει τους ερχόμενους μήνες το   1st ΕΠΟS  με όσο το δυνατότερο πιο αντικειμενικό τρόπο με :

Αναλύσεις , δηλώσεις , σχολιασμός αγώνων από τους ίδιους τους πρωταγωνιστές πριν και μετά  τον αγώνα  , συνεντεύξεις των Ελλήνων παικτών,

παρουσίαση των  πρωταγωνιστών , απόψεις σε θέματα  stratego  και όχι μόνο


+  πολλές εκπλήξεις !!!


+  πολύ   Μπλα  Μπλα  !!! 


Σκοπός μας είναι να γνωριστούμε καλύτερα μεταξύ μας όλοι οι Έλληνες παίκτες ώστε να ζήσουμε ένα όμορφο πρωτάθλημα .



Η  εφημερίδα  μας   ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ  ΝΕΑ  υπόσχεται  να είναι η παρέα όλων μας .

Attached Thumbnails


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#61430 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by gatos13 on 14 May 2016 - 10:06 PM

kalhspera se olous......

shmera eixa agwna me ton basileio kapa

gia to epos!o antipalos mou eixe provlhma

me thn syndesh tou,teleiwse to buffer tou

&3anapai3ame apo thn arxh......

vash kanonismwn 8a borousa na postarw

thn eikonikh nikh mou,kati to opoio den

yphexe periptwsh na kanw,milhsame&

eipame na 3anapai3oume......

o vasilhs pros timhn tou&bravo tou

mou dwse enan loxia&enan ypoloxago

pou hmouna brosta apo to 1o game7

synexisame kanonika to paixnidi mas......

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#474115 Fks Patras Battles 2019

Posted by Sorrow on 24 March 2019 - 11:38 PM

Hey I will share some of my experience going to Greece and playing in the Patras international tournament!


First off landing down in Athens Greece was amazing the landscape scenery is absolutely stunning snow topped mountains to waterfall valleys and to go with perfect weather I couldn't help my self but takes pictures every few seconds. 


It was really amazing to meet many of the Greek players. Especially Roeczak and Henry Domerkant who I have played many times online.


I don't have many pictures on my computer now but soon I will add for now I will post a picture of each set up I used and hopefully my opponents face in some!


Game 1 was vs a player from Patras who doesn't play online so I went safe and used a set up I featured on the forum. 



The game was going quite in my favor from the beginning and towards the end, I don't remember this game so much but at the end of the game I was up Colonel, Major, Major, General and his marshal was pinning my general but was in a way trapped by my marshal and spy and he chose to resign. 


Game 2 was vs "The Achaean" who plays on Stratego.com a very nice guy and player was great to meet him and look forward to more games with him in the future.


https://gyazo.com/a2...9741ce4d8b78435 I again used the same set up due to not knowing how my opponent played. This game went along the lines of playing for control on all 3 lanes but he used 3 majors in opening which let me domino attack in to his set up gaining 2 majors for the price of 2 captains after that it was just a matter of holding down the advantage which was not that difficult due to being able to find marshal and general but this game though I say in simple fast words was a very methodical game in the movement in trying to get the pieces in the right place for me at the end of the day I believe he played too defensive which led me to be able to get those 2 majors.


Game 3 vs Nortrom our very first tournament game live and online for the normal variant of Stratego.

I was pretty excited going in to this match and how I can finally see how Nortrom plays and how I can compare vs him. 


https://gyazo.com/29...30af3432ce9f8ee Sorry I did not get full picture as you can see Nortrom is praying to everything for all the help he was going to need :)

Going in to this game I felt pretty confident as I do play my best usually vs top dutch players and I thought Nortrom would play the same.

Once we played I don't want to say to much on his style to not hurt his play but it was like playing a wall I have not had that experience of playing someone who just completely out played me on all 3 lanes. I tend to be an aggressive player but I ended up having to shuffle my pieces in my base trying for some sort of attack that was never going to happen I quickly realized my inevitable loss and as much as I hate to do this starting playing the clock which I ended up getting down to 12 seconds to where I would have gotten a draw. My flag was quite obvious and the clock forced him to "risk" (not really) go for my flag which he was successful. I don't mind this loss I have learnt a valuable lesson playing Nortrom  and I look to implement something that he played vs me in to my games!

https://gyazo.com/33...f8d03a5a49ac412 We of course had to fight over a forum Warning point in person to settle the matter luckily for me Pim is not as strong in boxing as he is Stratego :) another cheeky picture 



Game 4 I played the organizer of the event Dalee who is an extremely nice guy for who ever hasn't met him! The set up I used here is actually part of my stronger set ups I created, I did not get to use it much due to not getting the right style match ups.


https://gyazo.com/bd...fb9d3242c16ea22 This game was a very nice game that I was in control for pretty much the entire time it seemed as those everything was going right for me, col in to major then trade off cols type stuff. He then proceeded to hold my gen down with a luit and I was able to use a captain and major advantage to find marshal and with the marshal being away from my general I pushed back his luit which then he mistakenly then pulled back to his base eventually letting me take and and trap a captain as well then take spy so it was pretty much over at that point but all in all a very impressive player I just had the perfect position of pieces through out the game from the get go and there just wasn't much to be done I think.


Game 5 I played none other than the Optician everyone should already know him :)

Our games online are usually 50-50 for who is to win and I put about the same odds on our live game which was our first together and I look forward to more in the future!



This set up I just build and looking back it is absolute trash which did not help me with. 

I played pretty aggressive right in the opening when he showed a early colonel I went to take with marshal so I was up a colonel but because I showed marshal and did not focus on defense Charlie was able to trap a major and was already up a captain and from this is just how the game went captain and major vs colonel but he had full control of the board I again started playing for draw but it was not close and I simply got destroyed this game. I tried a cheeky spy bluff and pushed it in to his set up really early like with 5 scouts left on board and he just took it and we shared a quick laugh about that.

Even though it is a serious tournament game it was really fun and an enjoying game even though I lost.


Game 6 I played Vasileios Nyxtas 

Who was an honor to meet and play. 



I went with the safe set up again as I did not know how he would play and it ended up being a tragic game for me.

 I face a barrage of early majors and colonels which I ended up losing 2 captains too which is part of my style and something I am used too but for some reason I was just slow on taking advantage of the situation I could sense he was reading my pieces correctly and there where still a lot of scouts left on the board so I was trying to play safe and later on collect the high pieces but alas it was tough from the way he played I misread his general and spy since he originally(had the possibility) let them both be scouted multiple times. So I took 1 majors that was only defended by one piece ended up being general and I then took his general later on when it was defended by one piece and it ended up being the spy which I thought would be impossible so I ended up having gen and major vs col and marshal and captain but I had many little pieces if only I could get them out I was playing the time for a draw when he mistakenly let me get a miner passed allowing me to trade off all the rest of miners putting me in a guaranteed winning position if only I had not trashed the clock down 30 minutes playing for a draw oh well :) It ended up in a draw but was very tough to hold on. in truth he had the possibility of winning if he knew how to find it our was willing to risk the game a bit.


Game 7 was vs Nick97 who was also a very nice guy to speak with and very easy going.


I again used my safe set up as we had never played before and I had no idea how he played.

This game ended in about 5 minutes I took a luit in opening with major to have it taken by marshal and was able to scout the general that spawned next to it. I pushed my spy and col against general making him fall back and he walked his marshal right in to spy luckily for me and then marshal was ready to grab his general and his cols went in to general and bomb. I would have loved to play a longer game but sometimes it is how it is.


Game 8 vs the World Champion and eventual winner of the tournament Overlord!

Also my first tournament game vs which I was very glad to get.



https://gyazo.com/d2...98b74389f71fb1d I built this set up on the spot I did lock up a sergeant because I did not think I will need it in the game and Overlord tends to break bombs.

This game I had a draw 100% but due to not have a boring game and respect for his rating I played it out to my full extent at one point turning the draw in to a win. later on to have the win lottoed away :)


The game started out fairly well mostly trades of pieces and here and there one of us picking off a piece. I ended up taking a bit of a risk but not much in col in to a major to find marshal and that was pretty much end game col captain luit luit luit miner miner vs major captain luit luit serg serg miner miner miner it came to a a point where Overlord has to guess the flag or lose and he correctly guessed but all in all was a pretty amazing game I am happy with how I played as I usually do a lot worse vs the great champion and friend of mine:) 


Very big thanks to the Patras team and Dalee for hosting I look forward to hopefully coming in the future for more international tournaments in the Beautiful country of Greece! 

Also Thanks to Vspy13 Dalee and mirimondas for t shirts of there clubs which I made sure to wear!

Thanks Angel.

#438175 WC 2017 Marmari , Evia , Greece

Posted by Wogomite on 01 September 2017 - 12:39 PM

I would like to share a few things from my experience in Greece. I will have to say that the over all best part about the WC was the mass amounts of people willing to talk Stratego at any given moment. The feeling was almost as if I had brothers that I was meeting for the first time. After two days it was an odd feeling to think about only meeting these people 48 hours ago. The social aspect is worth the endless amount of hours travelling while having to save and budget financially. Greg (KARAISKAKIS) told me before the trip "this will be one of the best moments in your entire life" I honestly did not think it could be that good. I assumed it had been that good for him but who knows if I'll actually find it that worth while. Once arriving and I met this group of Stratego fanatics, I thought to myself, "what if the actual tournament makes this trip even better". I knew at that moment what Greg was referring to and I was beginning to enter his dream. 


The moment that this picture captures was one of my first "this is it" moments. Charlie (TheOptician) had his British flag but for some reason the hotel next door needed to use it for their front entrance. We were going to get it back for him but we could not find a ladder tall enough. Charlie said he had a second flag on his kitchen counter but pull on the other one, who typically needs two flags? We just had to deal with the injustice of not seeing the British flag. 



Another very cool part of the trip was a beach Greg took me to. It was beautiful. The water was crystal clear. In the states even our oceans are dark and you sink if you don't swim. I am not used to Mediterranean water that allows you to lay stiff like a board and you just float because of all the salt in the water. It was amazing. 



The day I was leaving Greece, Greg took me up to see a one thousand year old castle. In the U.S if you see something over four hundred years old it's probably just an arrowhead. 



After the castle Greg took me to the very spot that the idea of having the 2017 WC in Marmari started. A few pictures will show nothing of the experience but it was by far one of the coolest places I have ever been. It felt like a street up a mountain taking you to a place I would imagine finding in the picture books of Ireland. The two hours here was like another vacation entirely. 



The trip in Greece was concluded with a game on this mountain against Greg. He beat me. Can you find my flag though? Greg took 39 pieces before he could ;)



I hope that more players from around the world would try to make an effort to go to a WC even if it is once every three to five years. To many, I understand they don't care about this game that much but to anyone reading this, I would not consider you part of the 'many'. You are on the forums because this is one of your biggest and favorite hobbies, you spend so much money in a three years time on things that won't satisfy you while going to a live tournament does more for you than the countless of dollars spent on these things do.I tell you this, if you do it just once, make an effort to go to this tournament just ONCE and you will be so happy you did I would bet 70% of people who tried it would be back. Start saving your money now because the next one will be here before you know it. 

Thank you for reading my experience, 

Ryan Wogomite

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#448359 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by Aris1970 on 04 March 2018 - 08:30 PM

….. επίσκεψη στην Bισαλτία ….. στην έδρα του ΣΕΡΡΕΣ STRATEGO team την Νιγρίτα.

Έχουμε τις καλύτερες εντυπώσεις από την επίσκεψη μας στους γείτονες μας στην Νιγρίτα Σερρών ,  …..  άψογη φιλοξενία , κυριακάτικος πρωινός καφές με συζητήσεις εννοείται για stratego (και όχι μόνο) , παιχνίδι stratego από κάποιους , στη συνέχεια γεύμα με ντόπια κρέατα - ρετσίνα και πάνω απ όλα η ευχάριστη παρέα των γειτόνων μας. Η σημερινή μέρα σίγουρα θα μας μείνει αξέχαστη, η φιλική σχέση  των 2 clubs είναι δεδομένη , πολλές κοινές απόψεις σε όλα τα θέματα stratego!!!







Προσωπικά , από τις συζητήσεις που κάναμε , συμπέρανα , κάτι που έχω αναφέρει σε παραπάνω post , ότι επιθυμία της πλειοψηφίας των Ελλήνων παικτών  είναι η ομόνοια  όλων των Ελλήνων παικτών-clubs.

Αυτό που αντιλαμβάνομαι είναι ότι δεν ενδιαφέρει , το σύνολο  των ελλήνων παικτών ,οι προσωπικές διαφορές , η συνέχιση αυτού του θεάματος …..  ξενερώνουν τους περισσότερους !!!




…. ρε  Πασχάλη τι φοβερό γλυκό ήταν αυτό ?  Το όνομα του γλυκού είναι “το πονηρό” , πρόκειται για τοπικό γλυκό της Νιγρίτας …. φανταστικό γλυκό ….  δείτε  φώτο !!!


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#36353 WATERLOO NEWS. The online newspaper of WC

Posted by KARAISKAKIS on 10 May 2015 - 11:31 PM

History and interesting statistics of the world championship in stratego.


In Waterloo there will be held the 18th tournament. These are some interesting statistics from the previous 17  events from 1997 - 2014 There are many and interesting findings. 


- The country we played the most WC's is England 5 times (1997-2000 and 2011)
Next with 3 times comes Belgium ( now in Waterloo will be the 4th.) Germany and Netherlands .

Austria , Ukraine and Greece once.



''all the citys were the WC was held.''


London (GB) 1997-1998- 1999 -2000
Berlin  (DE)   2001 and 2013
Rotterdam (NL) 2002
Wien  (AT) 2004
Antwerpen (BE) 2004-2006 - 2007
Kievo (UA) 2008
Gladbeck (DE) 2009
Maastricht (NL) 2010
North Shields (GB) 2011
Haastrecht (NL) 2012
Thessaloniki (GR) 2014
-  During these 17 events there are 797 participations from 15 different countries.
Almost 50% of the participations comes from Netherlands and almost 27% from Germany. 
NL 395
DE 212
BE 59
GB 45
UA 36
GR 12
CZ  10 
FR  8
TR  7
US  3
NO  3
IE 2
IT 1
SE 1
- The average participation is 47 players per WC. If we seperate the WC into 2 periods (before and after 2005) we have the following average 
Before 2005 (8 events) : average 55
After    2005 (9 events) : average 39
That means that between these 2 periods there was a decrease in participations almost 30%
Biggest participation was in Rotterdam 2002 with 73 players.
Lowest record was in Nort Shields 2011 with 23 players.
Most countries in an event was in London 1997 and in Berlin 2001 . In both of these events players from 8 different countries participated.
Only Netherlands has had participation in every tournament (17/17)
England and Germany come next with 16/17.  England wasn't present in Kievo 2008 and Germany in Thessaloniki 2014
-  Netherlands has won 15/17 WC . England (with Richard Ratcliffe )  in 2011 and Germany ( with Annies Steffen)  in 2009 won the remaing 2 tournaments.
- Most time word champion is Eric van den Berg with 4 trophies ( 3 in a row 2000 - 2002)
Vincent de boer and Pim Niemeijer follow with 3 trophies.
3 players (all of them dutch) Eric van den Berg in 2006 , Vincent de boer in 2003 and Adriaansen  Luc in 1998 have won the WC with only wins !!!
- Biggest winning streak belongs to Vincent de boer with 15 wins in a row  (between 2002-2004)
- Biggest unbeatable  streak belongs to Tim Slagboom  with 23 games in a row without defeat ( 2012-2014) . At this point I want to mention that this unbelievable streak stopped from a great Greek player George Petroulakis.
Tie situations in which Buchholz points determined the world champion were in 6 WC.
5 times it was between 2 players (2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2007 - 2014 ) and 1 time between 4 players (2009)
In all the WC except 2 ( in 1999 and in 2007)  there was game between the first 2 players. In these 2 tournaments there wasn't game between the world champion and the player who got the 2nd place.
- The most unhappy and unlucky player should be George Franka who was involved in the tie situation in 2009 and got the 4th place despite the fact that he won all the players who took the 3 medals.
- George Franka is also the player who has attended most WC's
Actually he has played in ALL (17/17)!!!!!!!!! His best perfomance was in 2009 and last year in Thessaloniki . Both years lost the title of WChampion in tie situations (4th and 2nd) . Also in the first WC (2007) he was 2nd . His worst perfomance was 2008 when he finished 22nd
Franka  except the record of most games in WC  is the recordman of winning games (100 is the total number) far away from the second 
His stats are 100 wins -  16 draws - 45 defeats
Definitely George is an alive legend of WC's history

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#63503 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by Aris1970 on 26 June 2016 - 06:33 AM





Έφθασε λοιπόν η ώρα να διοργανώσουμε ως Stratego Club Alexander the Great  ένα live stratego πρωτάθλημα , μια σειρά παιχνιδιών όλοι με όλους . Κάτι αντίστοιχο έχουμε κάνει και στο παρελθόν αλλά αυτή την φορά πρόκειται για κάτι πιο επίσημο όχι μόνο γιατί θα ανακυρηχθεί ο πρωταθλητής Πέλλας 2016 , αλλά περισσότερο γιατί θα έχουμε μια επίσημη κατάταξη των μελών και φίλων μας .

Οπότε , όλοι οι φίλοι και μέλη του club μας να είστε έτοιμοι τις επόμενες μέρες αρχίζει το ματς……. να δούμε ποιος είναι ο πιο φορμαρισμένος παίκτης ,  ο 1ος  , 2ος , 3ος … του Stratego Club Alexander the Great  


Σύμφωνα με την επίσημη κατάταξη των αποτελεσμάτων του Πρωταθλήματος Πέλλας 2016 , θα συγκροτηθεί και ένα team το οποίο θα αντιμετωπίσει αντίστοιχα team άλλων club, τα οποία και σκοπεύουμε να προσκαλέσουμε ή και γιατί όχι θα περιμένουμε από όλους σας (όλα τα άλλα club) πρόσκληση να σας επισκεφτούμε για ένα τουρνουά     club A  vs.   club B .


Πριν 20 χρόνια είχαμε διοργανώσει αντίστοιχο πρωτάθλημα , είναι συγκινητικό μετά από τόσα χρόνια τα παιδάκια τα οποία ως θεατές παρακολουθούσαν τους τότε αγώνες , τώρα θα συμμετέχουν στο Πρωτάθλημα Πέλλας 2016 ως παίκτες.


Ελπίζουμε η συμμετοχή να είναι μεγάλη και αντάξια της ιστορίας μας !



Stratego Club Alexander the Great 

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#500523 Greece wins the WTT 2020!

Posted by Sorrow on 13 May 2020 - 06:50 PM

Congratulations to the Greek team for winning vs the NASF in the finals and proving themselves the strongest Country of Stratego online!

Besides the obvious glory each player will receive 1.5k bc from Youdagames!


Don mitsos 


Henry Domerkant (Captain)


Been a joy to host and play in the WTT, NASF looks forward to competing again next year :P

WTT Organization hopes that all players had a pleasant tournament experience.

Sorrow & Fairway

#62426 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by dalee on 30 May 2016 - 01:38 PM

Τουρνουά Junior 64

Με πολύ όμορφο τρόπο κλείνει η χρονιά για τα παιδιά του 64ου Δημοτικού Σχολείου Πάτρας όσον αφορά το Stratego.

Ο Σύλλογος Γονέων & Κηδεμόνων διοργάνωσε μαζί με την Patras Stratego Team, ένα τουρνουά stratego, 2 κατηγοριών(μαθητές 1ης&2ας, μαθητές 3ης έως 6ης).

Όλα τα παιδιά έπαιξαν εναντίων όλων στην κατηγορία τους και σύμφωνα με την τελική κατάταξη, οι 2 πρώτοι έπαιξαν στον τελικό!


Όλοι οι αγώνες έγιναν με τη χρήση αγωνιστικών ρολογιών και ακόμη και οι μικρότεροι παίκτες εξοικιώθηκαν με αυτά εύκολα.

Με εμφανή τη θετικότατη διάθεση των παιδιών και των γονέων, χαρήκαμε μαζί το παιγνίδι και χειροκροτήσαμε τους νικητές.

Νικητές κατηγορίας 1ης&2ας

1ος Μακρής Σταμάτης

2ος Λαζανάς Άκης

3ος Γιούλης Κων/νος


Νικητές κατηγορίας 3ης έως 6ης

1ος Αναστόπουλος Αριστοτέλης

2ος Τσιουραμάνης Έκτορας

3ος Τσιουραμάνης Ιάσονας

Σημαντική η συμβολή της Patras Stratego Team με διαιτητές τους Κοσμόπουλο Δημήτρη, Κίτσο Χρήστο, Τρυπαναγνωστόπουλο Γιώργο και γραμματεία την Τρυπαναγνωστοπούλου Μαρία.

Ευχαριστίες στους Αδαμάκη Γρηγόρη, Κίτσο Χρήστο και Κοσμόπουλο Δημήτρη για την παροχή κουτιών stratego, στον σκακιστικό όμιλο του κ.Χάρη για την παροχή αγωνιστικών ρολογιών, στην διεύθυνση του 64ου Δημοτικού Σχολείου Πατρών για την παροχή της αίθουσας και την Ελληνική Ένωση Stratego για την συνολική στήριξη.


Ιδιαίτερη μνεία στον Σύλλογο Γονέων&Κηδεμόνων του Σχολείου καθώς μερίμνησε για κάθε ανάγκη που προέκυψε, την προστασία του σχολείου και των παιδιών τις ώρες του τουρνουά και τις ανακοινώσεις που χρείαστηκαν πριν και μετά τη διοργάνωση.


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#500420 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by mirmidonas.gr on 11 May 2020 - 11:05 PM

Μεγάλη επιτυχία για τα Γαλανόλευκα. Για το Παγκόσμιο Πρωτάθλημα Εθνικών ομάδων online 2020 η Εθνική μας ομάδα κατάφερε να πάρει την 1η Θέση κερδίζοντας στον μεγάλο τελικό με μεγάλη ανατροπή την Εθνική ομάδα των Η.Π.Α. 
  Η ομάδα μας αν και κατάφερε εύκολα να πάρει την 1η θέση στην κανονική διάρκεια ώστε να πάρει την πρόκριση στον μεγάλο τελικό, δυσκολεύτηκε αρκετά στην κατάκτηση του τροπαίου. 3 παιχνίδια πρίν το τέλος η ομάδα των Η.Π.Α. χρειαζόταν ένα νικηφόρο αποτέλεσμα για το Χρυσό μετάλλιο. 
  Οι παίκτες μας με αρκετή ψυχραιμία έκαναν το 3 στα 3 κερδίζοντας με σκόρ 30 -25 με 4 νίκες, 1 ισοπαλία και 3 ήττες.
Συγχαρητήρια στους παίκτες μας roeczak, Henry domerkant, don mitsos, mirmidonas
Χαίρομαι ιδιαίτερα για την όμορφη συνεργασία με τους παραπάνω παίκτες.

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#478922 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by Major Nelson on 07 July 2019 - 03:19 PM

Μ' αρέσει που πάντα διαλέγουν τις φωτογραφίες όπου δείχνω σαν ξενερωμένος-καταθλιπτικός. Τέλος πάντων, για να γελάσουμε και λίγο, σε άλλη λήψη τί σκέψεις μπορεί να είχαν οι μεταλλιούχοι κατά την απονομή. :)




Υ.Γ.1: credit στον Y731 για την φωτογραφία.

Υ.Γ.2: Χρόνια Πολλά στα Γαλανόλευκα Νέα

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#466966 Chicago Open Stratego Tournament 2018

Posted by GaryLShelton on 19 November 2018 - 06:42 AM

Chicago Tournament, 11-18-18 https://imgur.com/gallery/y1OqWDX

I walked into the huge event room at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois and looked around at all the energetic things happening. At one table a young boy was shuffling and stacking cups attempting to beat a time measured in fractions of a second. Who know stacking cups was a thing? Others were playing ping pong, along with a host of other toys and games anyone could walk by and begin playing. Plus, if Star Wars was your thing, a small battle reenactment featuring Chewbacca and Darth Vader was going on.

At first I didn't really see the Stratego area because it was in the back part of all this in the enormous hall. Then I noticed a face I'd seen playing Nortrom recently in Europe and realized it was Fks, or Angel as it turns out was his real name. As I got closer he walked right up to me and said "Hello, Gary". I was a bit surprised. How he knew me I don't know but it would turn out to be an omen for how easily he read me later during our one game together, which he won. 🙂 Then I got to meet Ryan (aka Wogomite) and his lovely wife Kari who helped run the tournament by managing the clocks and cracking the bullwhip to keep things on time.

In a large area behind them several tables were set up where two games sets were laid out on each one so that two matches could be played simultaneously on each. With so many tables there could have easily been more players accommodated than the fourteen that did play in this first-of-its-kind event in Chicago. But you wouldn't have known it. Many people ventured in and out during the day playing for fun at the extra tables, and so we always seemed fairly full in spite of the smaller official group of players. The game boards used were the Stratego "Original" game sets with European numbering and tall plastic pieces*. Nifty little Bronner clocks provided by Angel himself were in use at each game board and these were quickly explained to those of us who were unfamiliar with them.

The games started a brief time after I arrived and my first opponent was, of all people, Ryan.

He allowed me to get going quickly by running a major into my colonel but that was about all the luck I found in game 1 as he beat me rather easily. After that I won two games against newbies and then got to face Angel (Fks). In a tight game for awhile he gave me all 4 captains against one major. In stronger hands this would have been a lock but, as if to predict my own demise, I told him after winning the 4th captain I was going to feel really bad if he came back and won. Shouldn't have spoken that out loud. LoL 🤣

Next I played another newbie and won that game to finish at 3-2 for the day, and apparently good enough for 3rd place. One other player who also plays on the site, Chris (aka Diogenes' Ghost), went 3-2 but my opponents won more than his opponents so I won out 3rd on the tie break.

Meanwhile, Swiss Perfect didn't somehow match up Angel and Ryan, who were both undefeated going into the final round, and the tie break went to Ryan after the final fifth round. But wait! Turns out Ryan is too good a guy to accept the victory that way. He agrees to play an extra game with Angel to decide the issue on the battlefield. And like the true warrior he is, he went down in a blaze of glory giving Angel (Fks) the tournament win.

I didn't really know what to expect for my first ever live stratego tournament. What would it be like? Would it be fun? Would I knock over my own pieces or my opponent's and get disqualified? 😄 Would it be an event worthy of being called a tournament, or something sloppily done and cheap?

I'm happy to report it was anything but the latter, and was definitely fun. Although we certainly didn't have a slew of top flight competitors, the event was nicely run and it worked out amazingly well even with all the hubbub of non-participants moving in and out all day on the extra tables. It was an enjoyable event that exceeded my expectations and hopefully everyone had as good a time at it as I did.

I want to say a little thing about the spectators today. During my game with Fks it became apparent we had a lot of onlookers because our match lasted longer than the rest. At one point late Angel was pressing deeply in my side and even had his major next to my open flag. I kept listening for the murmur of the crowd to give that fact away but they never did to my surprise, honestly, and Angel pulled his major away. (At least for awhile.) So hats off to the crowd as well. 🙂

Although it couldn't compare, I'm sure, to the actual fort location of the last Tournament in The Netherlands, as a venue today there a rush of excitement in the big Navy Pier hall because of the toy and game fair going on. The company that sponsored the whole thing, including co-sponsoring our event within it along with the NASF itself, was a company called Play Monster. So, much thanks to them! Due to the many games and toys that were on display today and the large number of people in attendance, it added a lot of frenetic energy and brought us decent numbers of the curious because of it.

*I had worried about the game boards and the European artwork they might use but that wasn't an issue because of the modern pieces which were easy to play with. (The European traditional major looks just like a colonel to me.) The only problem with the playing of the game for me, as it turned out, was that the numbers were backwards to me, and my opponents other than Ryan and Angel didn't know the names of the pieces and were always calling numbers instead of the names and that confused the heck out of me. I settled upon calling the name and showing pieces to my opponent and that seemed to work fine. Jumbo should really put the names of the pieces on the game divider and/or the game board so that newbies can learn the basics about that.
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#452713 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by hellinon on 23 April 2018 - 01:11 PM

Και μιας και ο Άρης αναφέρθηκε στα .....είμαστε μια ωραία οικογένεια να δώσω και εγώ τα παραλειπόμενα από το όντως μακράν το καλύτερο πρωτάθλημα που έγινε ποτέ.

Συνελήφθησαν  και κρατούνται  μέχρι και τώρα στο Α.Τ Πατρών ο Henry Domerkant γιατί έκλεβε ρολόγια από......γνωστό κοσμηματοπωλείο επί της οδού Καραισκάκη 202 

Καθώς επίσης και γιατί δεν ρώτησε τον ιδιοκτήτη καταστήματος αρτοποιίας  και άνοιξε μόνος του την βιτρίνα με τα γλυκά.


 Ένα πρωτόγνωρο περιστατικό έλαβε χώρα στο Πανελλήνιο Πρωτάθλημα .

Οι ομάδα των Stratego Captains εμφανίστηκε  φορώντας μπλουζάκια τύπου polo και καθήμενη  απέναντι από την πλάτη του αθλητή Άρη 1970 αλλά και από άλλους αντίπαλους αθλητές είχαν την δυνατότητα να σηκώνουν πότε τον αριστερό γιακά και πότε τον δεξί έτσι ώστε ο συμπαίκτης τους να καταλαβαίνει σε ποια θέση έχει τοποθετήσει τον Στρατάρχη.

Μετά από παρέμβαση του Άρη και επίσημη καταγγελία, και με την βοήθεια των δημοτικών υπαλλήλων εξετάστηκε το κλειστό κύκλωμα που βιντεοσκοπούσε τον χώρο με αποτέλεσμα να συλληφθούν οι κάτωθι για το ίδιο αδίκημα.Πρόκειται για τους Ηellinon-Vspy13-GreatMano-VirusGr-Damon13-Roeczak-Y731-Stamen feson-James Garfield-EllisaiosGr.Οι δυο τελευταίοι ως ανήλικοι μεταφέρθηκαν στο Α.Τ ανηλίκων Πατρών.

Τέλος η εταιρεία Jumbo έκανε δεκτό το αίτημα του αθλητή Iolaus1926 και έτσι η νέα έκδοση Stratego θα περιλαμβάνει 3 Στρατηγούς και 1 Στρατάρχη καθώς επίσης του δίνει την δυνατότητα όταν παίζει αντίπαλος του Nick original21 να χρησιμοποιεί 25 βόμβες.

Να είστε καλά όλοι ρεεεεεεεε !!!!!!!

Υ.Γ Μπράβο στα παιδιά από την Πάτρα έκαναν την υπέρβαση δεν ξέρω αν μπορεί κάποιος να ξεπεράσει αυτό που διοργάνωσαν.

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#446737 Smiling Scout 2017-2018 - News of the WCO

Posted by Master Mind on 13 February 2018 - 09:28 PM

Congratulations to Nortrom, winning the grand WCO title!




Nortrom and I just played a fantastic battle to a draw. Nortrom actually proposed a draw earlier in the game, but I really had to win to get a place in the top #3, so I refused at first, although it in the end actually turned out to be a draw anyways with a captain vs a sergeant. It was a great game, adding up to all the other great games I've played in this tournament. I want to thank everyone, especially the organisers that made this fantastic event possible!

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#437669 What I've Learned Along the Way

Posted by Tilor on 21 August 2017 - 11:55 PM

I played a ranked game against a brand new player a couple days ago (I don't know why the system put us together) and realized that I have learned a lot over the last few months. I tried to share some with him in chat, but later thought of several more things that I hadn't remembered during the match. So, here are a few things I have learned.


Disclaimer: I have only been playing for a few months and am currently rated 601. I have no second accounts, had no previous experience (except for a vague memory of perhaps playing the board game at a friend's house when I was maybe 10), and have only recently escaped Silver land. I am no expert. The following advice may not be good advice for advanced players, but it seems to work well in low Gold and below. 


Always bomb in your flag - I have played both open and bombed flags and found that I have lost some games I should've won more often with an open flag. Lower level players are not nearly as protective of their miners as they should be, so you can often win or at least tie if you have a bombed in flag simply because they can't get your flag. 


Every piece matters - Lower level players tend to easily give up pieces that could escape for some reason. Never just let a piece go if you can help it. 


Marshal lottoers are usually poor sports - Just be on the lookout.


Don't use normal bomb patterns - Low level players tend to use the same old bomb setups. Learn what they are and then don't do them yourself. They are usually very easy to spot and not very effective.


Don't give up too early - Many low level players quit if they lose the Marshal or General. Just play the whole game and see what you can learn. 


Experiment with setups - Don't count on your setup to be good forever. As you advance your setup will become obsolete with higher level players. Go ahead and experiment in the Bronze and Silver levels so you can have some idea what works and what doesn't. 


Watch YouTube - You can learn an awful lot watching advanced players. Be careful that you don't try to play like them when in the lower levels. (I tried bluffing like Max in the Bronze level and they just hit me anyway. Bronze and low Silver players often don't think before they move...)


Use your brain instead of brawn - Many lower level players charge in and park the Marsh right inside your lane to clog your movement. Develop both sides, and use the threat of attack to force the Marsh to retreat. 


Never show a high piece until you have to - A known piece is only as powerful as it's rank. All unknown pieces can be the Marshal if the Marshal is unknown. Once you see an opponent's high ranking pieces, avoiding them is easier. 


Ask Questions - I remember playing a couple Platinum level players when I was still Bronze or low Silver. I asked them for advice and to tell me where I was weak in my play. They were very helpful while they trounced me  :)


Have fun - Remember, we're here to enjoy a game. This isn't real life. It doesn't really matter. You won't make more money, be more successful in your career or schooling, or become more glamorous by winning a lot at Stratego. Just do your best and have a good time. 


If you have read this far, and you're a more experienced player, please feel free to add more good advice!

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#497484 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by mirmidonas.gr on 12 April 2020 - 04:53 PM

Καλησπέρα σε όλη την κοινότητα. Με τα καλά μου και τα στραβά μου πολλές φορές απο το 2014 έχω προσπαθήσει πολύ στην ανάπτυξη αυτού του αθλήματος μαζί με αρκετά παιδιά του χώρου που με συνεργασίες, κόντρες, φασαρίες, αλλά και όμορφες στιγμές φτάσαμε το παιχνίδι σε αυτό το σημείο.

  Χθες μου ήρθε ένα μήνυμα για τους διπλούς λογαριασμούς (για κάποιους που μου ανήκουν ) ώστε να απολογηθώ και να τιμωρηθώ ανάλογα. 

  Δεν κρύφτηκα ποτέ πίσω απο το δάχτυλο μου και δεν θα το κάνω ούτε και τώρα. 

Δημιουργήθηκαν κάποιοι λογαριασμοί απο εμένα με σκοπό να μάθω το παιχνίδι σε παίκτες της ομάδας μου, καθώς την εποχή εκείνη  δεν υπήρχε ούτε κάποιο σημείο συνάντησης ( άγνωστο το παιχνίδι στην περιοχή ) και έτσι η παίκτες μαθαίνανε το παιχνίδι στην οθόνη του υπολογιστή μου με συμβουλές ώστε να το αγαπήσουν και να μην το παρατήσουν με της πρώτες ήττες.

  Έτσι αυτός ο υπολογιστής έμαθε Stratego σε περισσότερους απο 20 παίκτες και είμαι περήφανος γι αυτό. Αμέτρητες ώρες μπροστά στην οθόνη με πολλούς παίκτες που άλλοι συνέχισαν, άλλοι παίζουν ερασιτεχνικά και άλλοι συνεχίζουν να δημιουργούν μαζί μου ισάξια στην ομάδα.

   Απο την στιγμή που βρήκαμε το στέκι μας εδώ και 2 χρόνια γίνεται η εκπαίδευση στο τραπέζι κάτι που έχει γίνει γνωστό σε όλη την Νιγρίτα. Πλέον μας γνωρίζουν όλοι. Μας έχουν αγκαλιάσει και οι τοπικές αρχές κάτι που στο μέλλον θα καταφέρουμε να είναι σοδειά στους σπόρους που φυτέψαμε. 

   Προσπαθώ απο κάθε δραστηριότητα να κερδίσω κάτι για το μέλλον. Απο το πανελλήνιο αν και δυσαρεστημένος απο τα γνωστά, καταφέραμε μαζί με όσους ήταν εκεί να κερδίσουμε κάποια πράγματα όλοι μαζί. Ναι όλοι μας κι εγώ δεν το άφησα να πέσει κάτω.

Μετά απο λίγες μέρες ένα ΚΔΑΠ που είναι 30 χλμ μακριά μου ζήτησε να κάνω μαθήματα στα μικρά παιδάκια. Μας σύστησε η κοπέλα απο την reception. Αυτή την εικόνα την δώσαμε όλοι μαζί. Έτσι 30 τουλάχιστον παιδάκια με περιμένουν κάθε Τρίτη στα 2 τμήματα του ΚΔΑΠ για να διασκεδάσουν και να μάθουν παράλληλα. Αυτό φυσικά με έκανε να δημιουργήσω ύλη πάνω στην εκμάθηση. Αμέτρητες ώρες δουλειάς.

   Το ποιο σημαντικό είναι πως οι μικροί μου παίκτες άρχισαν να διδάσκουν το παιχνίδι με τον ίδιο τρόπο. Έτσι λίγο πρίν την επιδημία τα παιδιά Kostasvin, Ice_breaker, Serv1 έκαναν μάθημα στα παιδάκια του ΚΔΑΠ με πολύ δυνατά αποτελέσματα. 

   Την δουλειά αυτή δεν θα την πειράξει καμιά τιμωρία που θα αποδεχτώ με σκοπό να καθαρίσουμε τον χώρο απο τους 2ους λογαριασμούς. 

   Συμμετέχω ενεργά σε σχεδόν όλες της online διοργανώσεις όλα τα χρόνια δραστηριότητας μου, και ίσως με ενδεχόμενη τιμωρία μου να ξεκουραστώ λιγάκι. Ελπίζω να μην σταματήσουν και άλλοι παίκτες παράλληλα μαζί μου.

   Θα είμαι εδώ να συνεχίσω με την ίδια όρεξη και ίσως και μεγαλύτερη.

Μου ζητήθηκε να απολογηθώ στους υπεύθυνους αλλά δεν θα το κάνω καθώς τα Αγγλικά μου είναι λίγα. Ευχαριστώ τον don mitsos για την συμπεριφορά του αλλά και όσους ασχολούνται να σταματήσει αυτό το πρόβλημα με τους διπλούς λογαριασμούς.

   Ο λογαριασμός mirmidonas.gr λειτουργεί μόνο για τουρνουά με έναν ακόμη δηλωμένο λογαριασμό για δοκιμή setup.

Οι 50+ παίκτες που έχουν μάθει το παιχνίδι απο την καθημερινή μας εργασία γνωρίζουν πολλά παραπάνω απο αυτά που δεν χωράνε σε μια σελίδα που διαβάζετε αυτή την στιγμή. Δίνουμε αγάπη σε αυτό που κάνουμε και αυτή είναι η νίκη μας.

Καλή ανάσταση & Καλό Πάσχα σε όλη την οικογένεια του Stratego

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#495848 ΓΑΛΑΝΟΛΕΥΚΑ ΝΕΑ η εφημερίδα μας

Posted by Dimi_x on 25 March 2020 - 01:46 PM

Καλησπέρα σας, ονομάζομαι Δημήτρης Χριστοδούλου και για όσους δεν με ξερουν είμαι μέλος της Patras stratego team! Θα ηθελα να σας προσκαλέσω στο νέο μας σέρβερ στο discord. Με δικιά μου πρωτοβουλία έφτιαξα αυτον τον σέρβερ με σκοπό την άμεση επικοινωνία σας κατα τη διάρκεια των παιχνιδιών σας με τους αντιπάλους σας. Αν και οι δύο ειστε συνδεδεμένοι στον σέρβερ θα μπορείτε με ένα κλίκ να μπείτε σε ένα δωματιο επικοινωνίας για δύο άτομα και να συζητάτε κατα τη διάρκεια του αγώνα, κατα συνέπεια θα είστε σίγουροι οτι είναι ο πραγματικός αντίπαλος! Ακομα έχουμε προσθέσει κλειδομένα δωμάτια για τους αρχηγούς των κλάμπ ώστε να συζητάνε θέματα προς άμεση λύση! Υπάρχουν κανάλια στα οποια θα μπορείτε να συζητήσετε όλοι με όλους, καθώς να ακουσετε και μουσικη,καθώς υπαρχει ραδιοφωνικό κανάλι 24/7. Ανάλογα τις ανάγκες που θα προκύψουν θα δημιουργήσουμε νέες ενημερώσεις για τον σέρβερ μας! Σας περιμένουμε όλους :D


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#474199 International LIVE Tournament: PATRAS BATTLES

Posted by dalee on 26 March 2019 - 01:52 PM

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Posted by Aris1970 on 13 November 2015 - 07:03 PM



The Greek online stratego community (GOSC) , by a collective process is pleased to announce the list "CONFIRMED GREEK ACCOUNTS   (CGA)".


This will be a list of confirmed "main accounts" of Greek players , that will be recognized by the GOSC , as a certification (confirmation) of the main accounts of the persons to whom they belong.

Only the "main accounts" of Greek players of the list "CGA" will be allowed to take place in any activity of GOSC, and all tournaments that will be organized by the GOSC.

All main accounts of players who participated (or will participate in the future) to live stratego tournaments (or National Championship stratego) are recognized , they get identification and included in the list.

About the new main accounts of Greek players, that will be included in the list "CGA", should be registered after a specific and collective process.

Also that list will be a cleanup of multi-accounts and will give us a clear status of the GOSC . Beyond the old members , will be added new Greek players (of course with their main account and after this procedure). Anyone who interesting to get in the list , could contact to managers of the list (Hellenic online startego commitee).
The final list will be published and will be the only official source to extract information (for the main account of Greek players) from respective lists managers of the site , in order to be recognized by the GOSC.


  1. Αdamantios420                ΑΘΗΝΑ
  2. Ajax_                                  ΑΘΗΝΑ
  3. Baricadas                           ΑΘΗΝΑ
  4. chessplayer                        ΑΘΗΝΑ
  5. Damon13                            ΑΘΗΝΑ
  6. danis_p_gr                        ΑΘΗΝΑ
  7. dgeorga                               ΑΘΗΝΑ
  8. dimbowman                             ΑΘΗΝΑ
  9. don mitsos                          ΑΘΗΝΑ
  10. ELISSAIOS-GR                 ΑΘΗΝΑ
  11. Ernesto                               ΑΘΗΝΑ
  12. Evelyn03                            ΑΘΗΝΑ
  13. gmits                                   ΑΘΗΝΑ
  14. gpet0                                   ΑΘΗΝΑ
  15. Great Manos                      ΑΘΗΝΑ
  16. Hellinon                              ΑΘΗΝΑ
  17. Henry Domerkant                 ΑΘΗΝΑ
  19. James Garfield                         ΑΘΗΝΑ
  20. Johnkalargalis                   ΑΘΗΝΑ
  21. Jupider                               ΑΘΗΝΑ
  22. KARAISKAKIS                  ΑΘΗΝΑ
  23. kiriakos67                           ΑΘΗΝΑ
  24. kostas2506                         ΑΘΗΝΑ
  25. lezo                                       ΑΘΗΝΑ
  26. Major Nelson                     ΑΘΗΝΑ
  27. MAKRILOS G.                   ΑΘΗΝΑ
  28. midnight star                     ΑΘΗΝΑ
  29. morias                                 ΑΘΗΝΑ
  30. Nepenthe                             ΑΘΗΝΑ
  31. OVERLORD                      ΑΘΗΝΑ
  32. Papaflesas 1821                 ΑΘΗΝΑ
  33. Paralias21                           ΑΘΗΝΑ
  34. Perigord                              ΑΘΗΝΑ
  35. Roeczak                                  ΑΘΗΝΑ
  36. snipper911                          ΑΘΗΝΑ
  37. Somali pirate                     ΑΘΗΝΑ
  38. Spyros77                             ΑΘΗΝΑ
  39. stamen feson                      ΑΘΗΝΑ
  40. THE SHAMAN                  ΑΘΗΝΑ
  41. thgi                                       ΑΘΗΝΑ
  42. Thucydides_Olorou         ΑΘΗΝΑ
  43. Tolian                                    ΑΘΗΝΑ
  44. tzafos                                    ΑΘΗΝΑ
  45. virusgr                                 ΑΘΗΝΑ
  46. Vspy13                                 ΑΘΗΝΑ
  47. Wonderkid                         ΑΘΗΝΑ
  48. Yiaver                                  ΑΘΗΝΑ
  49. Y731                                     ΑΘΗΝΑ
  50. ΣΠΑΡΤΑΚΟΣ                     ΑΘΗΝΑ
  51. Antkiller7                            ΠΑΤΡΑ
  52. andreas94                           ΠΑΤΡΑ
  53. dalee                                     ΠΑΤΡΑ
  54. Denril                                   ΠΑΤΡΑ
  55. FGP_                                    ΠΑΤΡΑ
  56. GNR85                                 ΠΑΤΡΑ
  57. GTETRA13                          ΠΑΤΡΑ
  58. gufo                                       ΠΑΤΡΑ
  59. ianmac                                 ΠΑΤΡΑ
  60. Jimmys13                            ΠΑΤΡΑ
  61. jS-96                                     ΠΑΤΡΑ
  62. Knownasrg                          ΠΑΤΡΑ
  63. koutsos3                              ΠΑΤΡΑ
  64. liapis                                     ΠΑΤΡΑ
  65. manos2004                         ΠΑΤΡΑ
  66. MariosAp                               ΠΑΤΡΑ
  67. panagiotis17                        ΠΑΤΡΑ
  68. PHAETHON                       ΠΑΤΡΑ
  69. poisonsnake                        ΠΑΤΡΑ
  70. PK_13                                   ΠΑΤΡΑ
  71. The Achaean                       ΠΑΤΡΑ
  72. The Referee                         ΠΑΤΡΑ
  73. turin                                      ΠΑΤΡΑ
  74. Ο άρχοντας                          ΠΑΤΡΑ
  75. Το Αφεντικό                        ΠΑΤΡΑ
  76. Vasileios Nyxtas                  ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  77. Bizevr                                    ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  78. cflag                                       ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ  
  80. elgiatrakis                             ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  81. evelina                                   ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ 
  82. kambia                                  ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  83. Linker                                    ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  84. SEKERTZISS                       ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  85. SLIOUSGE                           ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  86. THANASIS45                       ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  87. trust me                                 ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  88. 356pxGREECEtiger                   ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ
  89. minoas_gr                            HΡΑΚΛΕΙΟ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ
  90. aman35                                 ΣΗΤΕΙΑ ΚΡΗΤΗΣ
  91. gkaros                                    ΙΩΑΝΝΙΝΑ
  92. DIMITRIS82                       ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑ
  93. spartakos146                       ΧΑΛΚΙΔΑ
  94. kr69                                       ΞΑΝΘΗ
  95. revan                                     ΞΑΝΘΗ
  96. kolovos                                 ΑΡΤΑ
  97. epaminondas                       ΠΥΡΓΟΣ
  98. Thanasis!!                            ΚΟΡΙΝΘΟΣ
  99. mayroskavalaris                  ΛΑΚΩΝΙΑ
  100. anestis400                           ΣΕΡΡΕΣ                 
  101. artzi.tzimpilis                      ΣΕΡΡΕΣ                              
  102. geonigrita                             ΣΕΡΡΕΣ
  103. GrShark                                ΣΕΡΡΕΣ
  104. Geo_Tsarpista                    ΣΕΡΡΕΣ
  105. HERCULES 1926               ΣΕΡΡΕΣ  
  106. IOLAUS1926                                 ΣΕΡΡΕΣ            
  107. macedoniagr                        ΣΕΡΡΕΣ               
  108. maxcady                               ΣΕΡΡΕΣ                 
  109. michalis355                                ΣΕΡΡΕΣ      
  110. nigrita74                               ΣΕΡΡΕΣ   
  111. pasxalistz                             ΣΕΡΡΕΣ
  112. Ser Tzimis                            ΣΕΡΡΕΣ 
  113. stathis1985                          ΣΕΡΡΕΣ                 
  114. YPOL.NATASSA                 ΣΕΡΡΕΣ                             
  115. zanters55                              ΣΕΡΡΕΣ
  116. Storm199                                 ΚΑΣΤΟΡΙΑ
  117. Got father 1                          ΚΕΦΑΛΛΟΝΙΑ
  118. aggelakisdim                       ΠΕΛΛΑ                   
  119. agro                                       ΠΕΛΛΑ                      
  120. Apostolis71                          ΠΕΛΛΑ                   
  121. Aris1970                               ΠΕΛΛΑ                    
  122. Baker Man                           ΠΕΛΛΑ                    
  123. B.E.M. HCS                         ΠΕΛΛΑ                  
  124. Bruce13                                ΠΕΛΛΑ                
  125. Dimikostakis                       ΠΕΛΛΑ              
  126. Floydas24                            ΠΕΛΛΑ                
  127. force31                                  ΠΕΛΛΑ                  
  128. G_Salker                              ΠΕΛΛΑ                  
  129. gatos13                                 ΠΕΛΛΑ                  
  130. gorgsari                                ΠΕΛΛΑ              
  131. gustavo69                            ΠΕΛΛΑ                 
  132. John.K1980                         ΠΕΛΛΑ               
  133. John1974                              ΠΕΛΛΑ             
  134. kwsmatzarhs@hotmail.gr    ΠΕΛΛΑ                  
  135. LEON70800                               ΠΕΛΛΑ
  136. Mimis69                               ΠΕΛΛΑ                 
  137. Natso8                                  ΠΕΛΛΑ
  138. Nickoriginal21                     ΠΕΛΛΑ
  139. Nikos1972                            ΠΕΛΛΑ              
  140. spartakus66                         ΠΕΛΛΑ                
  141. tasis                                       ΠΕΛΛΑ                    
  142. Tatyr                                     ΠΕΛΛΑ                
  143. trd_ koutavi                        ΠΕΛΛΑ                  
  144. TTTDDDSSS                       ΠΕΛΛΑ                                 
  145. zoografos                              ΠΕΛΛΑ              


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